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A Connected Fitness Experience

ViGOR FiTNESS was created with the goal to make fitness a lifestyle for everyone. Through our mobile application, we provide our users with a connected and engaging fitness experience that pushes people both physically and mentally farther than they would alone.


Our mobile application connects your mobile device to new and used fitness equipment and devices such as heart rate monitors and smart watches to push and pull data from your workouts. We data to optimize your experience, to know who you are, what you like, and what gets you going. That way, we can feed you the right classes, programming, and challenges that continually motivate you to workout and lead a healthy lifestyle that you deserve.


Through leaderboards, friend invites, reward points, individual, 1 v. 1 and group challenges, we have created opportunities to engage with a community online in the ways that best get you going. We will also have local community competitions and pop-up workouts at local gyms to connect both your virtual and the real fitness worlds.


By persistently working with a multitude of health and fitness professionals on various levels we aim to create a customized boutique fitness experience via thoughtfully tailored fitness content that embraces a diverse fitness community, empowering all levels of ability to challenge themselves to be their fittest versions in an interactive environment.

The Problem

Most people in the US People fail to meet the minimum recommended fitness standard of 22 minutes per day. Yet despite our fitness levels being at an all time low, consumer spending in the fitness industry is at an all time high. Why? Existing fitness solutions just aren’t addressing the real barriers to living a healthy lifestyle.

The Solution

We know you want to workout. But we also know how hard it is to get started. Most people give up too early in their fitness journey because they simply lacked the support to change their life. Enter Vigor Fitness. Vigor Fitness empowers you with the tools to take fitness into your own hands.

The Experience



Pair with your equipment via Bluetooth or other supported device



Workout to determine your fitness level


Take Classes

Pick a fitness program that works for you and your lifestyle


See Results

While engaging in fun challenges

Your life will be much easier

By using what you already have access to, whether at your gym, rec center, or home, and providing you with features that promote accountability, self-efficacy, social support, and enjoyment, we help the millions of you out there make fitness a part of your lifestyle.

Our Story

The company began as a connected boutique rowing fitness studio outside of Washington DC when three friends put their collective knowledge together on a mission to eliminate barriers to fitness for everyday folk. They started with rowing and then turned their studio into the ROW VIGOR app for connected rowing based fitness. After successfully launching the app they moved the business to Colorado and started working on their vision to connect all fitness equipment – old and new – to high quality content, games and community at an affordable price. They would call this new vision ViGOR FiTNESS.